Welcome to the website of Stanley Graves M.D., an orthopedic surgeon in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Graves specializes in the treatment of complex foot and ankle problems using both proven surgical methods and the latest surgical technology. His education, training, and more than two decades of experience treating foot and ankle problems make him uniquely qualified to solve your foot and ankle issues and give you back a more active life.

A National Leader in Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Graves is considered one of the nation's leading orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons. He is frequently referred by other medical professionals when their patients need help with complex foot and ankle issues. In addition, his contributions to the betterment of the medical profession is evident by his annual participation in certification testing for orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons, helping pass on his expertise to new generations of M.D.s.

Ankle Replacement Procedures

Learn more about the STAR™ Total Ankle Replacement
Learn more about the Agility™ Total Ankle Replacement

Patients suffering from degenerative ankle problems no longer have to settle for ankle fusion surgery as their only option. Surgical ankle replacements are now a proven option, providing more natural movement and far less pain. Much like artificial knees and hips, ankle replacement surgery can give patients a pain-free life with an ankle that flexes in a normal, natural way. Dr. Graves is one of only a handful of surgeons in North America certified in both FDA approved ankle replacement procedures, the STAR™ and Agility™ Total Ankle Replacement systems. Dr. Graves is also trained in the use of the the Taylor Spatial Frame™ fixator. In all, he has more than two decades of orthopedic foot and ankle surgical experience.

A Caring Approach to Our Patients

Talk to anyone who has worked with Dr. Graves to treat their foot or ankle problem and they will tell you the same thing—Dr. Graves takes the time to listen to them, learn about them, and find the best solution for their problem. His care and compassion is evident whenever you visit and this same dedication to you, the patient, is shown by everyone who works with Dr. Graves. In Phoenix, Arizona, and throughout North America, Dr. Graves is known by his gentle and caring style of patient care and his expertise in solving complex foot and ankle problems.

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We appreciate you visiting our site and looking forward to helping you solve your foot or ankle problems. Remember, no matter where you live in the U.S. or Canada, let Dr. Stanley Graves help you solve your foot or ankle problem here in the Valley of the Sun!